Make that 10

Ten miles that is!! Emilie and I got up this morning and did two more to round us out at ten for the week. We’ll take tomorrow off so we can get to church on time, but back at it on Monday!
Hubs had to work this morning so I didn’t have my usual walking buddy, I decided to pull my old Ipod out and listen to music as we walked. Of course I hadn’t used it since I graduated from KU four years ago…so the music wasn’t quite what I listen to anymore but I hit shuffle and was surprised that the songs it played put me in a much better mood. I’ve had a rough week, let some anxiety get ahold of me and it was good to walk it off this morning. I came in feeling really refreshed and ready for our day. We spent the afternoon in the pool and all took a nap when we got home. Emilie loves the water and it does crazy things to her appetite! She ate like a little piggy tonight.
Tomorrow is a big day for us, it will be the first time we’ll leave Em with a stranger…EVER. I’m already practically sick to my stomach over it, but I know its necessary for both of us. She’ll get to play in the church nursery while we go to service and hopefully she’ll have fun. She needs to experience us leaving and coming back (and I need to experience leaving her and being ok, lol) and I can’t think of a better place for her to get an hour of (FREE) socialization. They have really strict rules about the nursery, we’ll have to show ID to sign her in and pick her up and we’ll be given a pager in case she needs me…she’ll be fine…I’ll be fine. But I’m a mess already regardless. I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes tomorrow.

**Random side note…I noticed that Woombie was an ad displayed on my page, how fitting…we were HUGE believers in swaddling when she was a baby and the Woombie was one of that we liked alot!**


About gracedbyemilie

My world revolves around my little family, I am a wife…a mother…a christian…a designer…an Independent Scentsy Consultant...I'm just me. I'm crafty, a little OCD, a lot emotional, and occasionally funny. My life isn’t always very exciting, but its mine, and I’m excited to share it with all of you.
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One Response to Make that 10

  1. Rebecca says:

    Emilie and her mommy survived church nursery!!Grammie was so happy she cried as she thanked the LORD for answered prayers.

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