First Temper Tantrum

Mind you she’s only 13 Months old…but yesterday we had our first full out temper tantrum! And I couldn’t help but crack up! We had gotten her dressed for her boyfriends first birthday party, she was in a cute pink onesie and an overall jumper from her Grammie. I THINK that the jumper was too long and it bothered her when she crawled and then would pull the metal at the shoulders down bothering her shoulders…but since she can’t tell me, that’s just a guess. What I do know is that she sat in the floor yelling and pulling at the shoulder straps! She would not stop yelling and tugging until I finally undid them, then she was perfectly happy. It was hysterical!! Luckily we had another equally cute denim jumper to put her in that was a little shorter and didn’t seem to bother her at all. Needless to say…my one year old already has an opinion on her clothes! OY…we’re in trouble!

On another random note, I had a conversation with a friend Friday that has stuck with me about faith. We were talking about the big life changes we were facing and I mentioned a favorite part of the Ruth Graham book I’ve been reading. She talks about worry and anxiety in not knowing which direction to go when faced with a life change. Her advice is to just walk through the open doors until one closes, then walk through the next open one. Even if we don’t know what’s on the other side He does…and we need to have faith that He will point us in the right direction, even if it isn’t the route we would have chosen to take. I told my friend that this is an incredibly hard concept for me, I like to have a plan. I’ve been told that I was bad about this as a small child, its just how I’ve always been. So I tend to want to stand on the outside of the door peeking in to see what’s inside instead of taking the leap of faith and just walking through. Again we’re back to the fact that I’m a CHICKEN! I was faced with having to take that giant leap this week and walk through a door. I won’t know for a while what the effects of that decision will be, but I have faith that it was the right decision. I’m proud of myself for just moving…its so easy to stay stuck in fear and I didn’t let that happen.

Oh…and we’re still nursing 🙂 Get used to it! We talked to her Doctor this week and she said Em is doing wonderfully and I’m doing everything right for MY baby. So we’re down to 2-3 time daily and I’ll drop them when we choose. 🙂

On a less happy Emilie note…we found out she has a peanut allergy this week. Can you say SCARY?! She’s had two noticeable reactions to peanut butter, the second was atleast 10x worse than the first which worries me. We took pictures and headed to the Doctor (after drowning her in Benadryl). By the time she saw the doctor the hives and rash had disappeared and just a little swelling was left. Luckily I’d thought to take pictures so she was able to see how bad it had been. She said that we have to avoid peanuts for sure but really ALL nuts for Emilie for many years. When Emilie is older (like late grade school) we can try an oral challenge and see if she has outgrown it or is possibly a candidate for desensitization therapy, but for now prevention is key. We sent out a mass email to family asking them to help us protect her by not having peanut products in her presence and to let us know if they can’t be avoided at a function so we can choose to stay home. We built a stock of allergy fast action strips, pre-meausured liquid doses, and purchased her first epi-pen. I hope she never has to use it. But aren’t we the pair with our almost matching epi-pens everywhere we go, lol. The more I learn about a peanut allergy the more worried I become, it can be a very serious and potentially life threatening allergy, but already having one of those myself I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to protect her from any future incidences. And sadly you won’t find peanut butter in my home anymore…its one of my favorite foods, but its not worth the risk.

One last note…She’s walking! It’s about 50/50 walking and crawling, but she can walk from one room to another so I suppose that means my baby is officially a TODDLER?! OY!

Here’s a picture of the allergic reaction:

And here is her just being cute 🙂

And last, one of her with her blankie 🙂


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