Momnesia and Preggo Brain

Have you heard of the term Momnesia or PreggoBrain?! If not, let me first enlighten you!! Momnesia is defined as the mental fuzziness and memory lapses that set in shortly after childbirth. PreggoBrain is a state of forgetfulness and confusion experienced during pregnancy. Other symptoms can include but aren’t limited to – clumsiness, memory loss and difficulty in retaining information or learning new things. Don’t believe me…Google it!! I was shocked to see how many NEWS stories were out there regarding these two phenomenons. Luckily if you’ve had a child, or in my poor husbands case…lived with a pregnant woman…you know. Its real! Its a scary and real experience!

Now let me first say, I don’t remember much of my pregnancy with Em anymore (MOMNESIA!!!) but I don’t recall being as ridiculously stupid as I am lately. I knew I was affected with Momnesia after having my daughter, I’d seen it come into play, especially in the beginning when I was overly exhausted and nursing. But I eventually started to recover and it was more few and far between happenings. But I’ve learned something incredibly frightening lately…

The addition of Momnesia + PreggoBrain = Horrifying circumstances of ridiculous and STUPID behavior!!! Some of it is harmless: forgetting Em’s sippy cup on outings, NEVER knowing where my keys are(losing my keys several times a day), forgetting what I was doing when I walk into a room, ect. Sadly the list of my ridiculousness goes on. But not all of it as funny and my most recent topped the cake! One evening every week Emilie and I spend with my Grandmother. Emilie had gotten up from her nap and we’d packed up and left for the afternoon/early evening. I had let the dogs out to potty before kenneling them up, closed the blinds knowing it would be dark when we came back, packed the car and we’d taken off. We had a nice visit as usual and headed home. When I pulled into the garage I heard barking. While that’s not unusual in an alley way with several dog owners, this barking was different. It was close…it was in MY backyard! I’d left my poor dogs outside for the entire afternoon we were gone!!!!! I have NEVER done that before! They are strictly indoor dogs and barely spend much time outside at all. What’s worse was I’d left the back door completely unlocked! My saving grace here is that the fence was locked and guarded by two rather annoyed large dogs and I had the alarm set. While I’d remembered to close the blinds I’d forgotten to turn on any lights. So the chicken that I am, needed a friend to talk to me while I walked the house checking things and turning on lights. The dogs were fine, mad at me, but fine. They ate dinner, got an extra treat and then spent the evening snuggling together. I think being locked out bonded them a little more 😉

So while some people don’t believe in the phenomenon…I do. So please remember…

The addition of Momnesia + PreggoBrain = Horrifying circumstances of ridiculous and STUPID behavior!!!


About gracedbyemilie

My world revolves around my little family, I am a wife…a mother…a christian…a designer…an Independent Scentsy Consultant...I'm just me. I'm crafty, a little OCD, a lot emotional, and occasionally funny. My life isn’t always very exciting, but its mine, and I’m excited to share it with all of you.
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One Response to Momnesia and Preggo Brain

  1. hahahahahahaha. That's greatness! and wow – what a great friend you have!

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