Yup…We’ve become THOSE people!

It officially happened. You know those annoying things you witness in public but aren’t your business so you stay out of it? Like yelling and cursing across a table in a restaurant. Totally not my business, so no need to get involved…Right?!

Maybe until you become a Mama Bear with a toddler and the F-Bomb has been dropped for the third time. And its not just that they are talking loudly…these two men were violently yelling at each other. Had they been standing or in another setting, I fully believe there would have been a fist fight. A few minutes into the argument the calmer one who was yelling but not cursing mentioned to his partner that there was a child a few feet away and to watch his mouth. The other man didn’t care. He continued to escalate until my husband couldn’t take it anymore. He got up from the table and walked to theirs and started asking the men who they worked for. They were clearly contractors/workers of some sort and still wearing their yellow caution vests. The first (calmer) man, mentioned to my husband that he asked the other guy to knock off the language, my husband thanked him for that but said again…who do you work for. At this point the angrier of the two was still yelling and just couldn’t seem to stop himself which is when out of no-one Mama Bear rose up and yelled back…

EXCUSE ME!!! I have a toddler here and would appreciate if you’d take your mouth elsewhere!

UM…where did that come from?! My husband looks at me with big eyes and I realize…from me! LOL! The angry man couldn’t bring himself to make eye contact with me, never did look our way, but he never said another word either. My husband settles back into the table with their company name and his iPhone ready to lodge his formal complaint and I…well I sat looking at my daughter thinking…I just did that?!

So we are officially those people that tell others to watch their mouths in public. I never thought I’d see the day that I’d get involved in something like that but apparently its come. Luckily the GM of the restaurant is an old friend of ours and was not only thankful but gave us some free meal vouchers for taking care of the issue 🙂 Gotta love having connections! And I would feel slightly embarrassed for myself but several patrons stopped by our table as they left and thanked us for handling the matter. Another Mother proudly said ” GO Mama!” and then told me she was the exact same way until her kids were teens. Oh the way our kiddos change us!

So that was a first!! And hopefully a last. I don’t like to get involved in things like that, especially in Texas. We do carry guns here ya know!


About gracedbyemilie

My world revolves around my little family, I am a wife…a mother…a christian…a designer…an Independent Scentsy Consultant...I'm just me. I'm crafty, a little OCD, a lot emotional, and occasionally funny. My life isn’t always very exciting, but its mine, and I’m excited to share it with all of you.
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