Mommy Radar, Planning Ahead, & Good Eating

My Mommy radar is on alert. I hate when that happens…when you feel like something not quite right but there’s nothing to pin it on?? Em’s had the sneezes for about a week but otherwise has been just fine. The last several days we have to practically force feed her and she’s got that “tired” look. I do NOT want a sick kiddo over Christmas this year, you may remember her last Christmas was marked with breathing treatments and severe croup…it was AWESOME! NOT! Hoping its just a phase and I’ll have nothing to report in the coming days, but…I’ll keep you posted!

Yesterday was my 20/21 week checkup for baby Landon and he was given his official delivery date!! I know its early for that, but when your having a big surgery apparently they like to get it on the books early. Landon will be delivered on April 9th, 2013. Cut time is supposed to be 7:30 a.m. (check-in time before 5…YUCK!) but I was warned they tend to run a bit behind at this O.R. We’ll have my main doctor and then another OBGYN surgeon coming in to assist and “learn” about my surgery. I’m having a C-Hyst, it’s not a common surgery so not many surgeons will do them, or have done them in their careers. Luckily my surgeon has done 15-20 in his career, the latest being just a year ago, so I’m confident in his abilities. The doctor coming in to assist has never seen one and wants to learn. I’m providing a good “teachable moment”. Glad I can help out! LOL (P.S.- I have a past history that requires a hysterectomy, so it was the smartest alternative for my body to do it all in one surgery.) So after baby Landon is safely removed from his home of nine months, he and Daddy will go meet Grandma in recovery (or my next room, I don’t know which yet) and wait for my hysterectomy to be finished. THEN I’ll get to have some real bonding time with my baby boy. It will be a long morning for all of us, but I’m thankful we have a date in mind and can begin to mentally prepare ourselves. I don’t care how prepared we are…my guess is Grandma is snuggling Landon and Daddy is pacing the halls/room nervously. We’ll see if I’m right in just four short months!

Because I’m me…completely OCD (to the point of being CDO!), a planner to the core, and honestly just a little ridiculous…having this date sent me into a tailspin of planning chaos. Yesterday I had my calendar open and was virtually planning the next six months away. Realistically the next four months will fly by and if I don’t start now I’ll regret it in March. I don’t want the stress and anxiety of that come March so I’m planning ahead now. As for the several months after the baby…well…I have no idea how long it will take to get my head on straight and return to a normal routine, so anything I can do ahead of time to reduce later stresses…yup…I’m doing! Which includes planning my two year olds’ third birthday party– 6 MONTHS EARLY?! WHAT?! I’m crazy right?! Nope…She’ll turn three just 3 1/2 months after Landon arrives and we all know how those first few months go. So if I can plan it now while I have the time and am realistic about what I can manage, then all the better! So Emilie will be having a gymnastics party with 2-24 of her closest friends. They will provide the decorations, fun, goodie bags, and location…I just provide some cupcakes. UM YES!!!! Done and DONE!

I have to pat myself on the back a little. I’ve been trying to plan and cook for us a little better so we saved money and ate out less. Its not easy for me, I don’t necessarily enjoy being in the kitchen cooking, but I’ve been making a valiant effort lately. Sunday we were busy!! We had lunch with friends after church, took a nap when Em did (it is the day of rest after all!), cleaned house all afternoon once she was up, and I still had dinner to serve. So I went for the easiest meal of all– Spaghetti. Now let me preface this by saying that I HATE spaghetti. I hate it with a passion. It’s boring and just not appealing to me. It probably stems from my childhood when I ate a lot of spaghetti because it was quick, easy, cheap, and fed us all. My brother and Dad love spaghetti so it was made often in our home. It was just never my thing. I’ve been trying the last few rounds to make little changes to my spaghetti (and I mean little…it must be easy or it isn’t worth it to me) to make it edible. I finally did it! I made spaghetti that had even ME going for seconds, it was amazing!! Now this could be to blame on the little boy growing in my uterus because he tends to make me like his Daddies favorite foods in ways I never have, but I’m going to attribute it to my new way of cooking it. Same three ingredients, just in a slightly different order. I made the noodles and browned my meat, drained both, and then mixed them together before adding the sauce and letting it all simmer/cook (I let it really bubble a bit) for a while. The sauce plumped up the noodles and the flavor soaked into them. It was AWESOME! So simple- yet finally something I could enjoy! Hubs was happy…he LOVES spaghetti and I usually refuse to make it. I may add it back into the rotation now! Then Monday I made homemade sour cream chicken enchiladas. They are a recipe a friend and I worked up a few years ago and are still a family favorite in my house. SO simple – yet amazing! We cook and shred 4 chicken breasts. Throw it in a bowl with a can of drained rotel, a pile of shredded cheddar, and about half a container (the large one) of sour cream. Mix it together and spoon it into enchiladas. Then cover the enchiladas with more sour cream and shredded cheddar and bake. 30 min at 350degrees until the cheese is melted and they are heated through. SO simple! They feed 4 adults easily 🙂 Just in case you plan to try it.

So I’ve basically written you a book without saying much at all. Think its time to sign off but since I promised you the true image of this sweet smile once I had it, here you go! I’m big on keeping promises ya’ll!

PS– The wall behind the buffet is painted, valances have been made, the bench seat is on its way to recovered…lots of pictures coming soon!!! I need a better camera!!


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2 Responses to Mommy Radar, Planning Ahead, & Good Eating

  1. Bench seat!! Bench seat!! Do the Bench seat!!

  2. and we need pictures of the wall and the valances!!

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