Denial is a great place….

Until the awkward moment that you step out of denial and feel totally unprepared and want to hyperventilate and jump back into denial!!!

I like to tell myself (and anyone else) that we still have almost twelve LONG weeks until the baby is here. And most days, when I’m in pain or exhausted or WADDLING!!! I feel like it is twelve LOOONG weeks…

…Until today standing in the baby aisle at Target realizing I have a maximum of 79 days until this child arrives and I am so incredibly unprepared.

What exactly haven’t I prepared?? Well…he has a cute room to come home to so that’s a start. He has a carseat to get home from the hospital in (Em’s old baby carseat/carrier) and he has some clothes. I was feeling guilty today because I personally haven’t bought him a single outfit. His amazing Aunt Brittany passed down clothes from her boys so his closet isn’t lacking too much and his equally amazing Grammie Gigi bought him a few outfits too. Even my friend Kate bought him a couple outfits…but his Mommy…nope. Nothing.! By this time Emilie’s closet was over flowing! But I had hit up the Divine Consignment sale and I didn’t HAVE to do that because Brittany and her boys spoiled us! But I still feel a bit guilty that I’m not doing for him like I did for Em.

See…he HAS clothes!!! Note the pink bouncer hiding on the side, lol…poor kid, he’ll probably be stuck with that one!

Then there’s the STUFF. He has a swing (Em’s) and pack-n-play (again…Em’s) and a tummy time mat (again…Em’s) seeing a pattern here?! I didn’t have to go buy him the gear like we did with Emilie because we have it.

But Emilie didn’t take a bottle (ever…we failed miserably there) so I didn’t keep any for a “next” baby. I don’t currently have a single bottle in my house.

Emilie also didn’t take a pacifier and the few I did purchase during the week or two she did (only because her reflux was so out of control) were PINK! So I have ONE blue one of those that I tried and she hated stuffed away in a drawer. And since there will be several hours before I can try nursing due to my extended surgery, I want him to be given a pacifier to see if we can hold off on giving him a bottle. I WANT him to take a pacifier because Em didn’t and had a real issue with self soothing. I don’t want to have to nurse to soothe like I did for Em…I will if I have to, but if there is a way to help him help himself, I’m all about it!

Blankets! That’s one of those things they say never to ask for because you’ll end up with a ton…well…again all of Em’s were PINK! I did not do gender neutral with that little girl apparently, lol! And the few that were probably just didn’t survive. I need to also get my hands on a few swaddle me blankets because those were lifesavers for Emilie but they didn’t last to save because the velcro wears out.

Diapers?! Yea those things that we’ll be buying in excess soon. We have zip, zero, none…unless you think a princess pull-up might work?!

Sigh…I still have 12 weeks (God willing!) and realistically I have a few more weeks until I reach the panic zone. I was fully stocked for Em’s arrival by 32 weeks; I remember that because we had our first bad appointment with dropping fluid levels and failing placenta at 31 weeks. I was relieved quickly that IF we had to have her we were at least ready for her. So I can go hide in my denial bubble for another couple weeks right?!

To our credit…he does have a cute room!

The swing will move to the living room once he’s here and his tummy time mat (which if you look closely is stuffed under his crib right now) will move in front of the window.

My little cowboys room 🙂 I may just have to nickname him cowboy, lol!

And I DO have a nice new NOT PINK diaper bag from Grammy Gigi to use for him, so that’s another item to add to my “Have it” list, lol! He still needs new blinds for his room, his are broken and currently don’t open. Little man will need sunlight to help him get his days and nights straight!

So while I’m not TOTALLY unprepared…I’m feeling that way today. At some point in the coming weeks I’m going to have to bite the bullet and make my way down those baby aisles throwing things in the cart. While I normally love to shop, I’ve not been able to do that yet. I can’t explain why…I just haven’t. So hopefully soon I’ll be able to start marking some things off my list. And hopefully Monday at the Dr we’ll get a good report that things are still looking up and we’ll make it 79 more days! Because as much as I want to be done with the hurting, waddling, and waiting to meet my little cowboy…he needs to bake. I prefer well done little boys 😉


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My world revolves around my little family, I am a wife…a mother…a christian…a designer…an Independent Scentsy Consultant...I'm just me. I'm crafty, a little OCD, a lot emotional, and occasionally funny. My life isn’t always very exciting, but its mine, and I’m excited to share it with all of you.
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One Response to Denial is a great place….

  1. hehehehehehe. Too funny! You are going to have so much fun with him when he gets here! Just wait until that put that little bundle in your arms, I'm so ready for that moment!

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