The adventures in potty training…a not so perfect experience

I spent the entire day chronicling our day of potty training to share with you. My intent was to keep a record of the journey to share our successes and failures. But we’ve hit the end of day two and I just deleted the entire post. I refuse to drag anyone else through the misery of an entire day of misses. We did not have one.single.hit. ARG!!!

I will say we got close once and she emptied her bladder right in front of the potty, she sure did try that time and I was proud of her, but the rest of the day were just plain misses. I really had high hopes coming into today. We started the process yesterday evening and after several misses we had a huge hit and she was so proud! We’d celebrated it properly and she was just thrilled. She told me several times today that she didn’t need a “baby diaper” and was excited to pick a pair of undies to wear. But regardless of yesterdays triumph, today was pretty much a failure.

The only thing that makes it possible to trudge into another day of it tomorrow is the fact that she is slowly but surely and obviously getting it. This isn’t our first attempt at potty training. When Em was 18 months old she regularly used the potty, but she wasn’t physically ready yet. Two other times in the last year we’ve made an attempt at training but ended it with frustrated parents and too much laundry. After a single day neither of us could see any reason to go forward another day. This time there are clear differences that tell us its worth continuing, even as exhausting and frustrating as it is. One, she can’t stand being in the wet undies – Previously she didn’t care, so this is a huge step in the right direction. Two, she is communicating with us about it. Three, she’s made progress by getting close to making it a few times. I really feel like if we stick with it we will get it this time, but it could take some serious time.

My biggest fear at this point is regression. Is spending all this time and effort only to have her regress in 9 weeks when Landon arrives. I’ve read TONS of blogs about kiddos regressing after the birth of a sibling. Despite that…we’re going to keep trying. Because we believe she’s ready and it’s not fair to delay her milestones due to our fear of problems down the road. No use borrowing trouble.

The blog I read a few moments ago says day two is the worst…here’s hoping they’re right and tomorrows better! Frankly, it can’t get much worse. We are a little busier tomorrow and have gymnastics and a dinner date, so we will be forced to put on a pull-up during those outings but hopefully we can still have a successful day.

Here are a few fun items I’ve learned so far…

1- Potty training while pregnant is not smart. Parents deserve wine after a day of this…instead I’m indulging on milk and cookies.

2- Her laundry isn’t the only extra you’ll be doing. There’s the towels from clean-up, socks from stepping in it, and jeans from kneeling in it while you attempt to clean it. Oy!

3- As difficult as this milestone is mentally and physically for her it is mentally exhausting for the parents. Be prepared, go to bed early, allow yourself little treats throughout the day…you’re going to need them.

4- You will ask the question “do you need to tee-tee (or you’re particular potty word) in the potty?” over and over all day…you will sound like a broken record. You can’t help yourself. Your constant fear of the couch/bed/rug being soiled will keep you asking. Invest in some white vinegar to dab on soiled surfaces after getting it as dry as possible. The vinegar neutralizes the urine to help get rid of the smell, but you’ll still need to clean the item.

5- Preggo nose + urine = BAD

6- You need LOTS of “big girl (or boy) undies to do this. The last thing you want is to run out of clean undies and be forced to revert to a diaper. We went through at least 5 pairs today, including several pairs of socks and two skirts. Again…be prepared to do laundry. Of course you can allow them to run bare bottomed, but I want her to learn to remove her undies to go…we’ll work on adding the element of pants once we can handle getting our undies down in time.

7- Don’t show weakness!! It’s like a wild animal, if they smell your weakness, they will exploit it. You HAVE to be strong and CALM!!! It doesn’t do any good to lose your cool, this has to be a positive thing for them or they’ll regress. You can be somewhat disappointed though. I happened to say at one point today “Oh no, you tee-tee’d in your panties again, that makes Mommy sad”. When she made it all the way to the potty the one time today and then didn’t finish making it, she said “oh man…mommy sad”. I have to admit I felt awful for her because she really did try, but…I think she tried harder to keep from making Mommy sad…

8- This is the one time I’ve wished my kid went to daycare! LOL I know several people who’s daycare did the brunt of their child’s potty training. I’m incredibly jealous. But glad that we’re in this one together. I’ll be proud that we made it through this one day 🙂

We have a long road ahead of us. We are very close to being “out of diapers” and long from being “potty trained” but we’re working on it. And at the very least we saved ourselves a few diapers today 🙂 Wish us luck! (and patience!!)


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  1. I expected you to put on there that she peed on you! Now, that is funny! 🙂

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