Weekend Ramblings

Have I mentioned that I love weekends?!!?

I do!  They’re fantastic!  I love that we can get up and spend the morning being lazy together and then do whatever we WANT for the rest of the day without worrying too much about schedules and clocks.

Saturday we got up and enjoyed our coffee while Em enjoyed cartoons.  We all snuggled on the couch to watch cartoons and drink our coffee (Em’s even taken to calling her morning milk her “coffee”).  Then I admitted that I had plans…several errands to run and they had the choice to come with or stay behind and do their own thing.  They came with…and we had a blast!  We slowly made our way through each stop and when we got tired before the last one we stopped for lunch and to recharge our batteries.  By the time we were done Em was “mean mugging” which is what we call the look on her face when she’s REALLY ready for a nap!  So we took her cue and all settled in for a nice nap!  Later we had some stew I’d been cooking in the crock pot all day and worked on our Valentine’s Day crafts we’d gotten supplies for.  

I SO want to share them with you all in time for Valentine’s but several are traveling snail mail and we don’t want to ruin the surprises 😦  So you’ll have to wait patiently for Thursday…they should have arrived by then!

Sunday we went to Church and Em thoroughly enjoyed herself.  It’s taken a LONG time for her to be comfortable in the nursery.  And while she’s still THRILLED for us to come get her, this week she said “Church house was fun today”, so I’m a happy camper!  

BTW…everything is a house these days!  Chickfila = Chicken House, grocery store = shopping house, church = church house, gymnastics = gymnastics house.  Don’t ask me why, but that’s how she says it! 🙂

After church we made our normal trip by PawPaw’s nursery to run around and visit with her grandpa.  She loves to go run through the nursery, pet the cats, smell the plants, and basically be chased by all of us for a good half hour before we wear out and call it quits. I was glad for the visit because I’d been contemplating a vegetable garden and realized we just couldn’t pull it off this year and my father-in-law mentioned just growing some things in pots!  DUH?!  I didn’t even think about doing that!!!  Since Em eats cucumbers and bell peppers daily, we’re going to try those and cherry tomatoes, and strawberries.  

At least today I think we will 😉

I’ve heard bad things about strawberries and birds…think this will work??


Found the idea from pinterest, the link to the blog is HERE.

I’m sure keeping my kiddo and dogs out of them will be bad enough but if the birds want them I’ll go nuts! LOL

This week is crazy busy with Em…as of now we have something planned for every single day!  Which is good, we like busy…sometimes 🙂 Of course Thursday we’ll have our craft day.  We’ve done a few early so they were ready for Thursday, but I still have some things up my sleeve.  Here is one of ours that I don’t mind sharing since they’re for the kiddos and they don’t read blogs 🙂

We ran to the dollar store and grabbed a set of decorative bags ($1/25pack) and Valentines ($1/12pack).  I couldn’t imagine spending more than $1 on the valentines as they are for two year olds and will be trashed in seconds. Then we got a pack of conversation heart boxes ($5/16pack (at Target)) and threw in a dum-dum- bc they are Em’s favorite and I have a HUGE bag from buying them in bulk last time.  I think for the 10 kiddos we prepped them for they came to about $0.50 each.  Talk about thrify gifting!!! Gifts like this don’t need to be expensive, we just love to have a little something to give our friends and make them smile.





See…nothing fancy but they’ll make the kiddos happy when we see them on Friday!  And since we had a few extra Valentine’s we made one for our little neighbor friend and several family members.  Em had fun helping me put them together (more like telling me who got which Valentine and watching me stuff them – the conversation hearts were big enough she couldn’t get them in the bags herself) and I enjoyed making little gifts for our friends for next to nothing!  I LOVE the dollar store for pieces of gifts like this!  And since the bags don’t say Valentine’s we’ll easily be able to use the rest for something later.

So go make something! It doesn’t have to be expensive to put a nice token gift together that will bring a smile to someone’s face!


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My world revolves around my little family, I am a wife…a mother…a christian…a designer…an Independent Scentsy Consultant...I'm just me. I'm crafty, a little OCD, a lot emotional, and occasionally funny. My life isn’t always very exciting, but its mine, and I’m excited to share it with all of you.
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2 Responses to Weekend Ramblings

  1. Those look super cute! Sounds like a perfect weekend!!

  2. I love the bags with hearts on them. Oh, and maybe Chick-fil-A should change their name to Chicken House 🙂

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