Arts and Crafts Thursdays 3/7/13

It’s Thursday again, which is one of my favorite days of the week because it means the weekend is just around the corner.  I also usually love Thursday night T.V. but sadly its all re-runs tonight…boo!  For some reason we never have much planned for Thursdays, except we grocery shop on Thursday mornings. (Is it bad that we have grocery shopping planned into our weekly routine?!)   But because Thursday afternoons are slow for us, we’ve been doing craft Thursdays and Em loves it.  Today we had a lot of fun turning one of her favorite books into our inspiration.

Em loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle.  It’s an easy read but lots of fun and she requests it several times a week.  It’s also the first book she read to me.  She knows it by heart and will read it to me some nights.  I love that!!

Today as I pondered what craft we should do I threw together a chocolate cake.  As I used the last egg in the carton and started to throw it away, I thought twice about it.  What can we make from an egg carton?  Then I remembered seeing egg carton caterpillars on pinterest recently and my plan was set.  I scoured the craft closet for something for the legs, antennae, and eyes.  I’d planned to have her use markers to color on it afterwards but I realized she doesn’t have washable markers yet (and my Architectural set are NOT washable, she can have those when she’s much older, lol…make use of that $100 set of prismas!).  So we defaulted to our favorite go-to…fingerpaint!  Here’s how we did it…

I gathered supplies and went ahead and put together the body of one caterpillar so Em knew what we were going for.  She’s very visual.


Then we made the second one together and glued the eyes on and glued them to leaves.


The glue needed a little time to dry before we painted and that wasn’t working in toddler world.  So we discussed what happened after he was caterpillar and she said “he became a “bootiful” butterfly”.  So Mommy cut out a butterfly so she could work on painting that.


She did a combination of brush and finger painting…she likes both so I let her decide.


By the time we got done with the butterfly our caterpillars had dried and were ready for paint.


One of my tricks when we paint, is that I always squeeze the paint out onto a piece of foil.  That way when we’re done I just wad it up and throw it away.  Less mess to clean 🙂

Our finished butterfly…


Our finished caterpillars…



I love how excited Em gets over making a craft with me.  She really gets into it and takes her time.  I think this one was especially fun because we were taking a story she knew well and bringing it to life.  I may have to link our crafts to her books more often.

On a completely non-craft note… I have a potty training update!!  If you’ve been following us long you know we’ve had a rough time with training.  We’ve started a new way of training in the last week where we ask her if she’d like to go and if the answer is no, we accept that. If the answer is yes we make a big deal of her being a big girl and then make an attempt, if she goes its party time with lots of praise and M&Ms.  We’ve had several hits and pottying has again become a good thing.  Today she was in the shower playing and suddenly stopped and asked for help.  She said she needed to go, “please help”, so we got her out and put her on the potty where she did indeed go…a lot!  We did our rewards and then she got back in to finish her shower.  Then after a while (this was a long shower because she was having so much fun playing) she did it again.  “I’m done….potty coming…please help me”.  So we turned off the shower and put her on the potty, that time she couldn’t hold it long enough and she started to go before we got on the potty, but finished on the potty.  So again big rewards!!  We were all soooo proud!!  I have no illusions that she’ll be potty trained in 32 days when brother is here, but we’ve made progress.  I’m proud of my little Em!


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3 Responses to Arts and Crafts Thursdays 3/7/13

  1. I love her saying “googly eyes” That was the best part about my part in the crafts yesterday!

  2. whimsyinlove says:

    This is so cute! I love making both and pairing it with the book! I’m pinning this for later, when I’m not busy with spring break feelings…but we already love that book, of course!

    • eduncan says:

      Thanks Whimsy! I think you’re little one will enjoy it too 🙂 Em really enjoyed the making all the parts and then reading her book again, she seemed really put it all together!

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