I’ve got nothing of importance to share with you, though I feel compelled to write.  So I’ll just share some bits of randomness in our lives right now.

1. We have 14 days remaining without the newest bundle of joy?!  AGH!!!!  Be afraid….very afraid…because my coming posts will probably be completely scattered as I learn to navigate the sleep deprived chaos of a new baby AND a toddler!  SEND HELP NOW!!!!

I’m going to need one of these…sadly my coffee intake will be low due to breastfeeding!


2. The baby has hiccups…inside the womb.  I realize this is totally normal…but it does NOT feel totally normal.  It’s a bit creepy…not going to lie.

3. I’m done.  Honestly while I know its best for ALL of us, I’m ready for baby.  He can decide to come anytime before his 14 days are up…I won’t be upset.  BUT…he SHOULD stay put, because its better for all of us and he’s likely easier to care for where he is.  But as uncomfortable as he is…that’s debatable.

4. I made cookies…again… When the toddler starts begging for a “bubba M cookie” it means it’s time to make M&M cookies again for her.  She’s addicted!

5. The toddler has a new obsession…”bubble juice”.  She was fighting a virus last week and wasn’t wanting to drink much.  I decided to spark her fluid interest with “bubble juice” to get her drinking.  (If you’ve ever had a child admitted for dehydration…you don’t play with fluid intake!) “Bubble juice” aka: sprite or cherry 7-up is my way of not allowing my child to know she’s drinking soda.  Because the last thing I need is for her telling someone she wants soda and them giving her a fully loaded Dr. Pepper.  I’m tricky…until she figures it out!

6. Yesterday the toddler approached me and said “My pants wet, change my diaper”.  Sigh…child if you can tell me that, you can potty train.  But why, oh why do you make it so difficult?  Especially so close to babies arrival!  Also, how does one completely soak through a pull-up in an hour?!  I had JUST changed her!

7. The Jayhawks beat UNC in second round of the tournament!  ROCKCHALK!!!!  Em was yelling, “Go Jayhawks!!!” and waving the wheat!!  It was a good game and the win brings my Jayhawks to Cowboy Stadium in Arlington Friday.  I soooo wish I could go.  Soooo wish!! And because he left while I was at KU…it was awesome to beat Roy…I just loved it!

Em waving the wheat as the Jayhawks WIN!!


 8. I only have two weeks left of work!!! I realize the following eight weeks will probably be much harder than the next two, but everyone enjoys a break from work!  I’m excited.  But they’ll miss me!! 🙂

9. Less than two weeks until Grandpa Tom and Gigi come!! Em is going to be so excited to spend some time with her Gigi!  I’m looking forward to seeing my parents…its been almost 6 months which is probably the longest we’ve gone without a visit!

10. I got nothin’.  Think I’ll go eat a cookie instead of making something up 😉



You know your jealous!!!!


About gracedbyemilie

My world revolves around my little family, I am a wife…a mother…a christian…a designer…an Independent Scentsy Consultant...I'm just me. I'm crafty, a little OCD, a lot emotional, and occasionally funny. My life isn’t always very exciting, but its mine, and I’m excited to share it with all of you.
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8 Responses to Randomness

  1. My 10 random thoughts:
    1. I hate you
    2. I won’t miss you at work cause I’ll be busy hating you
    3. Yes, i’m jealous of the cookies. You suck.
    4. Landon having the hiccups cracks me up… almost as much as, well, never mind. I won’t tell.
    5. I am sorry that you are uncomfortable.
    6. It is better for him to bake a little bit longer!
    7. yeah, I don’t follow basketball… talk to me again during football season
    8. I plan to sleep in, a lot, whilst you are on maternity leave. So, when you are sleep deprived, just think of me in my nice, warm, super cozy bed.
    9. Have I told you yet that I hate you?
    10. My hate would be lessened if you’d mail cookies… I’m just saying.

    🙂 That was a fun read! Even more fun to respond to it! I do love a good list!

  2. Karaboo says:

    I’ll help you both out…..just mail the cookies to me! 🙂

    I remember hiccups in the womb!! That was a freaky feeling! I also learned that you can actually “scare” your child in the womb as well. That also didn’t help any nausea I was having…..

    • Karaboo says:

      Oops!! Hit post too quickly! I hope you have an easy delivery and uneventful last couple of weeks – I remember being “DONE” as well.

      • eduncan says:

        Um…how exactly does one “scare” the baby in the womb???? And is it awful that I know once you tell me I’ll be tempted to try it?! 🙂

      • Karaboo says:

        LOL! I know what you mean…

        How I scared my baby – the same way we’re scared/startled…. I was still working in a kitchen at the time, leaning my very large belly up against a metal worktable, while bagging silverware for the next meal service. If I dropped a metal knife on the metal table, my son would jump in my belly. After a couple of “jumps” it became obvious that he liked his “quiet” space and didn’t appreciate me waking him up!

        He’s still prefers the world to be quiet! 😀

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