The second child…

Oh how they warn you how different it will be with the second child…

I love how when pregnant you get all these warnings and insights from people and they just don’t really sink in.  And then it happens, the baby is delivered and suddenly some of what was said is ringing true.  

In my case, the second child IS completely different.  Now it may be partially because my two are of the opposite sex, but at 20 days old I can already tell you that #2 is not the same baby his sister was. 

They have their similarities of course.  They look very similar if you look back at Em’s infant pictures. They both had jaundice as infants.  They both were great little nursers and gained weight quickly, thus helping rid them of the jaundice quickly.   They both wanted to be held while sleeping. They both had reflux (UGH!!). And I’m sure there area million other items I could list off…but…


Emilie at two weeks old.


Landon at two weeks old.

They are so different!  Em like her baby brother was a hold me baby.  She required being held and usually nursed down.  If I tried to break this habit she would scream…and I mean scream until she was purple for as long as it took.  She never relented… Her brother on the other hand has the same wishes, and he may put up a fight for a few minutes, but he relents.  While I love holding and snuggling him and because he is only 20 days old I give in and hold him as often as I can.  But today I just HAD to put him down and spend some time with his sister and he wasn’t having it.  So I did the only thing a mean mommy could do.  I swaddled him in a little velcro swaddler (thanks Auntie Kate!!) and put him in his crib.  He scream bloody murder for exactly 2.5 minutes.  And then relented and went to sleep.  WHAT?!!!  His sister would have NEVER done that.  NEVER!!!!  So I’m feeling a wild sense of success here!! (Although sadly I should be taking advantage of the opportunity and fixing dinner for myself and the toddler unit, but I’m blogging instead…does it help that we had a BIG snack?!)

Overall Landon is a mellow baby unlike his much more demanding sister (at that age) but she also had reflux and at this point it was un-diagnosed.  She was miserable.  This time around I knew the signs and saw them rearing their ugly head early.  It was discussed with his Dr at his two-week checkup and we agreed he was distributing signs and to watch for it, if I felt it was really coming on to call and ask for the RX.  Not two days later I had an “evil screaming baby”.  My mellow boy was gone and replaced with a screaming, miserable, back arching baby.  Thankfully the Dr. called in the RX the same day and we’ve noticed a huge difference already.  He had a brief spell today which proved that it really does take a week for the meds to truly work, but otherwise he’s a much happier boy!


My happy family.

Another difference is that I tiptoed around Emilie afraid to wake her.  Because of that until recently she was a very light sleeper.  Thankfully that changed before Landon came home.  We never attempted to tiptoe with Landon.  It would have been impossible had we tried, he lives with a rather loud and active sister.  He has to sleep through everything, in fact, he tends to wake if the house gets too quiet! LOL  Luckily we’ve instituted a noise machine for bedtime so there is a continuous noise he can sleep with.  It seems to be working.

Speaking of sleep!!  

Emilie at this age didn’t sleep at night!  

I mean, didn’t almost at all.  I looked back over her notebook and she’d be awake for several hours at a time in the middle of the night with no more than several 20-30 min “naps” and if she did sleep it was for a max of an hour or two.  I could not survive that again!  Landon does much better, has from the start really.  He usually goes at least 3 hours at night, last night we even got one 5 hour spell…I know better than to hope we see that repeated but it was NICE!


See…he sleeps! LOL I think 90% of my pictures of him are of him sleeping!

Oh and then speaking of the notebook…LOL!  I documented every nursing, bodily function, medication, and sleep time for Em for MONTHS!  I documented most of what they required while in the hospital for Landon…we haven’t picked up the notebook since, lol.  I’m shocked at myself on this one.  But the kid poops every time he eats, and it seems his diaper is always wet…so why document?!  And while I had a moment of nervousness regarding his eating habits…he’d gained 10 oz beyond his birth-weight by his two week appointment…obviously eating fine.  That’s another difference…Em was a “gourmet” nurser.  She would have nursed all day if allowed.  I eventually had to physically unlatch her after a set period of time and cut her off.  Landon on the other hand eats quickly and efficiently.  He can finish an entire meal in 8-15 minutes.  It’s amazing!

So while I’m not doing anything fun yet…no crafts, no baking, no projects.  Heck I’m not even leaving the house yet.  I am busy navigating the waters of becoming a mother of two and healing from major surgery.

We were so worked up over the risks of the surgery and getting through the actual procedure that I didn’t properly prepare myself for the AFTER.  I really (stupidly) thought it wouldn’t be much worse than a typical cesarean.  It is…but today is a good day.  I feel better than I’ve felt in many days.  Hoping this sticks…but since I know I have another treatment for a small (super minor) complication coming up and it made me feel awful last time, I’m trying not to get my hopes up yet.


My happy princess in the special crown sent by her Aunt Katie!


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3 Responses to The second child…

  1. So cute! I love your little family and that I got to meet him this weekend! He really is a laid back baby and just so snuggly!!

  2. Such a sweet baby! Go for number three… S/he will totally fill in the gap between number one and two 🙂 Peace Mama!

    • Thank you!! No #3 here, physically impossible 🙂 We had a cesarean-hysterectomy. I’m not good a being pregnant, it was probably best that we were stopped with two 🙂

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