Arts and Crafts Thursdays 7/11/13

It’s Thursday! (YAY…tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!) And I actually can post an Arts and Crafts Thursday!  

You know you’ve missed them 😉

A few weeks ago we made a cute little craft for Daddy (Fathers Day gift) that we had to share!

I had a 6″ x 6″ ceramic tile in my craft supplies (what?? Don’t you have random tiles laying around??) First we used stickers (also from my stash) to write “Em loves Daddy”.  Then I put out some acrylic paints and let Em go crazy!





Once Em was happy with the amount of paint on the tile (I got a lot of, “not yet” when asking if she was done) we set it aside to dry just a little.  Then I took an exacto to loosen the edge of the stickers and pull them off.  I then let it sit overnight to dry completely before applying two coats of modge podge and then matte acrylic sealer over the top.  I also added little pads to the bottom so it wouldn’t scratch our counter.  



It’s proudly displayed in our kitchen and Daddy loved it.  It was an incredibly easy gift that Em enjoyed making him and was so proud of when he opened it!

Lately Em has been fighting nap time.  She just turned three and as sweet as she is, is also pretty strong willed.  It’s not been uncommon in the past week or two to find her in her room completely dressed in princess gear when she was supposed to be asleep.  So in order to get her to nap, I’ve taken to bribing her.  Nothing big, I just promised if she’d go to sleep and take a good nap we’d finger paint.  And she did…then she held me to it!!!  The first thing she asked for when she woke up was to finger paint!

I wanted us to do something a little different.  Finger painting is getting a little old for this momma.  But she mostly ended up…

…finger painting.  Oh well…Momma tried!

Since our last finger painting post we’ve replaced the table we used to sit at.  Which leaves our two nice tables, so I got smart and covered the big table with a cheap table cloth.  It was perfect!!! The paint dried on it and I just folded it up to use next time!  So happy with that decision!

I twisted some pipe cleaners together so we could paint fireworks.  Em has been all about fireworks since the 4th and I thought she’d enjoy painting some.  She liked it for about a minute and then was ready to dive in with her fingers.  



Then I wanted to try another project with her, so I used painters tape and wrote “Em” on a canvas and let her paint that.





By this time she was pretty well covered in paint.  My mom is in town for a visit and for a brief moment was horrified that paint was everywhere.  I was thrilled to tell her that this crayola paint is 100% washable.  It quickly comes off skin and thankfully comes easily out of clothes too.  Emilie talked her Gigi into painting with her for a while and they finger painted and did some hand print art.  It was fun to include my mom in our project time 🙂



I love crafting with Emilie.  She gets so happy when I tell her I have a project for us to do.  I love watching her think of new ways to do things and get her hands dirty.  She can be a little bit of a princess about getting dirty at times (mostly with food) so I love when she’ll throw that aside and get her hands dirty with paint.  I think doing art projects is so important for our littles and something we’ve been encouraging with Em since before her first birthday (post about that here).

And just because I can’t stand not to share their cuteness…here are my littles being cute together 🙂







Yes, he really is that cute 😉


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One Response to Arts and Crafts Thursdays 7/11/13

  1. I love the fireworks painting – that looks cute and turned out pretty well. I’m glad that Gigi got to participate, too! Nothing better than finger painting, no matter your age!

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