Baby boy wants to eat!!!!

Landon will be four months old at the end of next week.  When Em was a baby the typical protocol for starting solids was after their four month checkup.  That’s recently been changed and now the recommended guideline is six months.  

I don’t think we can wait another two months…my kid is a chunk, I’m afraid he might eat me.  


Listen Mommy…I’m a growing boy…FEED ME!

No really!  He watches every bite of food I eat and gives me this look that tells me he would take my food by force if only he could.

While they recommend waiting until a baby is six months old (they being the AAP), they also put out a set of guidelines your child should be able to do before starting solids.  (These guidelines come from Nutrition: What Every Parent Needs to Know, by the AAP.)

  • Can he hold his head up? Check!
  • Does he open his mouth when food comes his way? Um yes, he looks like a little birdy and frankly doesn’t appreciate the teasing.
  • Can he move food from a spoon into his throat? Well…you haven’t let me start solids yet so how am I supposed to know this?! 
  • Is he big enough? Well…um…yes.  He’s exactly doubled his birth weight.  Last week when we had his ear check he weighed in a whopping 16 lbs 8 oz…yikes!  

I did mention it to the pediatrician and she said he shows every sign that he’s ready to start after his well visit, so next week he may stop giving me nasty looks and start enjoying food on his own.  Em ate food at four months and survived, I suppose he will too!  Of course he’ll continue to get breastmilk as his main source of food.  His sister nursed for 15months…hopefully he will too.

In the meantime I found a happy medium.  First of all, its HOT in Texas.  And I mean miserable, fry an egg on the cement hot.  We had a wonderfully nice “cooler” summer thus far but August is hitting us hard.  Landon is a little hot body and has trouble being outside for very long.  But big sister enjoys getting outside, so I wanted a way to keep him refreshed.  He’s also teething, so this kills two birds.  

Bear with me a minute when I say this…I made…

Breastmilk popsicles! (Sorry male readers)


And he LOVES them!! 


Big Sister loved hers too (grape juice in hers)…gotta keep the toddler happy too of course!



Just in case your wondering, these wonderful TINY popsicle molds are by Munchkin.  They can be found on amazon or your local walmart for under $7.  I love their size.  Even for Em they are perfect, she was able to finish it before it melted and became a mess.  

So…when did you start solids with your little ones??


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One Response to Baby boy wants to eat!!!!

  1. Guidelines have changes so much since Mr. T, and more importantly, I don’t remember when I started solids. I can tell you that I didn’t care near as much about it as parents today do! I still just love the mini Popsicles! Those are awesome!

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