Light at the end of the tunnel?

I’m writing from my iPhone because I’m too tired to get up and get my computer. Sad huh? I’d say lazy, but this week we’ve been anything but lazy.

About a month ago we noticed virtually overnight that the baby’s room had cracks on every wall and the hallway baseboards outside his room were no longer touching the floor. In drought ridden Texas that only means one thing… Foundation damage. Ugh. Our house is 25 years old and its already had foundation work that is fully warranted for the lifetime of the house. But of course our damage isn’t in the area of the previous work… Of course not!!!! So we’ve been dealing with the trouble of having it fixed. Let me just say… What a mess!!!!!!!!!

First we had to pull up all of baseboards and laminate flooring in our hallway, roughly 70 sq ft. Then move everything out of the guest room and have our contractor (because we were chickens) pull up the carpet and pad. Then we took plastic and covered and taped off doorways, vents, you name it. Trying to contain the coming dust was a huge priority.

Then the biggest inconvenience was we had to pack up our family, dogs included, and relocate for a few days. There would be no circulating air in our home during the work, again… dust containment. We are routine people, creatures of habit, and I am the biggest homebody. I honestly don’t like to travel much, not because I don’t like going and seeing – I really do – but I miss home. I like sleeping in my own bed and the comfort of my own environment. I’ve been this way since childhood. Being away from home was no small thing for us. So the first morning we were away the foundation work began. They worked a long 8 hr day with no moving air in 100 degree weather, making 30″ square holes in our foundation and installing piers. Poor hubby had to be here to supervise and he was miserable. Everything thankfully went smoothly and they expected to finish the next afternoon.

Can you believe this is my hallway??

Can you believe this is my hallway??

The giant holes they made in our foundation

The giant holes they made in our foundation

Then it happened…

Shortly after beginning the day two workday they exposed our main sewage pipe coming from the guest bathroom, and guess what…

(You don’t want to be right but you are.)

It. Had. A. Leak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is NOT supposed to be wet!!!

That is NOT supposed to be wet!!!

Bummer. We immediately called a plumber and he came a few hours later. He gave us his quote (ouch) and said he could do it in three hours. The foundation team decided to work around him and save that area for last and thought they could still finish on time. Despite knowing we would be doing some creative budgeting for a bit we just tried to move on and get this behind us.

But of course it’s never that easy right?!? The plumber ended up taking seven hours instead of three and the foundation team couldn’t wait. Sigh. They’d have to come back the next day to finish dragging this process even further out. At this point though the dusty work is done and that’s enough for me to turn the AC back on and move my family home.

Would you believe that going to sleep when it’s still 81 in the house felt wonderful just because we were home?! I know… I really am a severe homebody.

This brings us to today. We woke up this morning feeling refreshed. We are home, the foundation team was going to finish (did you notice I said ‘was’??), our contractor had his guys coming to fix the damage and then we could get our house back together.

Uh huh. So we thought.

First the foundation team is a no show. Apparently they decided to do another job first since they weren’t sure the plumber finished and wouldn’t make it until four. (They couldn’t have called and asked???) But really it was for the best, they would have been crawling all over the contractors crew repairing damage and stretching and replacing the guest room carpet. (That area is completed.) Thankfully all of that went incredibly smooth and everything looks awesome. We just have to repaint over their patchwork. That we knew we could handle ourselves. At four the crew arrived as promised. They opened up the hole and started digging around and noticed the dirt was awfully moist. Upon further investigation the leak was WORSE than the day before. Big sigh.

Long story short after much arguing on the phone and thankfully for our awesome contractor pushing the guy when he did come back this evening, it’s ten pm and we have a plumber working all night if that’s what it takes to finish the work.

Luckily my kids are so exhausted from the hectic week they are sleeping through the noise. I’m about to join them. So here’s hoping that when they test the pipes (at our insistence before he leaves tonight) we are leak free and tomorrow afternoon the foundation can be finished and closed so we can move forward.

Please tell me the light at the end of this tunnel is near…

…I didn’t post this the night it was written because I wanted to share some photos with you and couldn’t do that from my phone. Now I can update you too 🙂 The plumber was here until 1 a.m. to finish the job!! It was ridiculous. But everyone did get finished and we spent the weekend painting and moving furniture back into place. We still have to put the flooring back down in the hallway but that’s not bothering us too much at the moment. What a mess! I can’t tell you how glad I am to have it all behind us!


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