Second time Mom with all the wrong answers

Today was my little mans six month checkup.  He’s not actually six months until Wednesday but that’s not the point.  He was weighed, measured, and Mommy was found wanting.  

Wanting to hide under a rock!! Apparently everything I’m doing is all wrong.  Bah!

First of all he’s a perfectly healthy and happy baby.  He’s hitting each milestone and there were several he is even ahead on.  But he’s not sleeping well anymore and I’m not feeding him right.  Hmph.  

About two weeks ago he stopped sleeping well.  He went from waking at most once in the night (which he’s basically done since coming home from the hospital) to waking every few hours.  We were convinced it was teething or an ear infection.  But a quick trip to the pediatrician proved that he only had a little thrush.  Then I realized we were in the fifth leap (wonderweeks lingo) and apparently would be stuck in this dark cloud of moodiness and restlessness for several more weeks.  When it continued but he started sounding congested as well we went back to the pediatrician to find he now DID had a severe ear infection…AGAIN.  His poor little ear drum was just bulging.  So we blamed the lack of sleeping on that and just dealt with it.

Today at his appointment she said the thrush and ear were clear.  That we could no longer say that was the reason for his sleeplessness and that it was time for us to sleep train.  NOOOOOO.  I love watching my little guy fall asleep in my arms each night, I love having him in my room, and I HATE…I mean absolutely loathe…to hear him cry.  Fussing is one thing, but this little man has some lungs on him and once he gets going its quite difficult to calm him back down.  So I don’t wanna!!!!  This is my last baby, I want to hold and snuggle and spoil him while I can.  


Sleeping with one eye open to make sure I’m still there.


I also want to sleep. 😦  Thus the dilemma.  

The hubs sees no such dilemma.  After lunch today he marched my baby boy to his room and put him to bed.  And oh did he scream.  For ten long minutes before he was picked up and calmed down, only to put him back down to scream again.  I think it took a total of 16-17 minutes before he fell asleep.  And he did take a good hour and a half nap.  So I suppose it was successful, but my heart hurts.  

Like sick to my stomach, brings tears to my eyes, heart hurting.  (Yes Kate…I’m a wimp!) 

And I’m supposed to do this at bedtime?? My favorite time with him?? I don’t see how I can.  I may have to skip that one.  Call me selfish but I don’t want to lose that precious time that is just mine and his.  That short time every night after he nurses that he just looks at me and snuggles me until he falls asleep.  That time is mine, please don’t take it away yet!!!  


Tell me you’d want to put this sweet baby down!!!

Oh and then when he wakes… I’m only allowed to nurse him once in the night like he had been doing.  To only give him his binky and help him back to sleep the other times.  WHAT?!  I know, I know…he will make up for it during the day if he’s not getting it at night.  It’s not the quantity I’m worried about.  It’s the quality issue.  Quality of life for all of us!  The less I nurse the less I make.  Withholding something he’s used to whether or not its necessary or for comfort is upsetting – for both of us. And do you really think he’s going to just go back down easily without it?! HA!! 

I won’t even go into the fact that they said I should be giving him three meals a day of solids now.  Three??  At six months??  And three plus two snacks by nine months?  That doesn’t even seem in line with the new AAP guidelines!  I know its against every breastfeeding group out there.  If my crunchy mom friends heard this they’d FLIP OUT!!!!  I didn’t even want to tell them all this today…they would LOSE IT!

I really thought that as a second time Mom, I’d know just want to do.  I certainly intended to do it better this time.  Em was a horrible sleeper until we finally sleep trained her at nine months.  Was that too late?  Or is this too early?  I just don’t know.  I don’t know what the right answers are but I can tell you my heart doesn’t like the ones I was given today…


Playing in my bed is ok Mommy but you want me to sleep here too???


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My world revolves around my little family, I am a wife…a mother…a christian…a designer…an Independent Scentsy Consultant...I'm just me. I'm crafty, a little OCD, a lot emotional, and occasionally funny. My life isn’t always very exciting, but its mine, and I’m excited to share it with all of you.
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4 Responses to Second time Mom with all the wrong answers

  1. You can do it! I have the utmost faith in you!! Maybe you can compromise and hold him until he falls asleep and then go lay him down in his bed. Try that a couple of nights, and then start laying him down before he falls asleep and pat his back. Then a few nights later maybe you’ll be ready to let him do it on his own! 🙂

    I totally agree with the sleeping – the food part? Well, that’s another story!

  2. Holly says:

    It’s tough to go through. Usually harder on mom than on baby, but the two of you will get through it. 🙂

  3. whimsyinlove says:

    ugh, I hear you on this one – I’m hoping our second starts magically sleeping through the night without any of the hard stuff, ha – we had to do a little sleep training with our first at about 10 months – I really appreciated the book “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” by Weissbluth – it seemed like a more relaxed take (and said I could still nurse my child to sleep 🙂

    • Well he’s definitely not sleeping through the night but he loves his crib! HA! Who’d have thought he’d take so well to the transition. He’s still waking several times a night to nurse, but immediately goes back down with his binky. I’m hoping once he gets through this 5th leap at the end of the week things will smooth back out, if not I’ll start night weaning. But I do still nurse him to sleep and he does just fine when I lay him down 🙂 Good luck whimsy!!

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