Guest Room Facelift

I am in love with our re-done guest room.  In.Love.  So it’s the first of our recent projects I’ll share.

After we had the foundation work and had to pull up the carpet in that room temporarily we decided it was a good time to finally get it painted.  When we bought the house (less than two years ago) they had white boxed it.  While I like a clean slate, I cannot stand white walls.  So no matter what we did to this room it always seemed cold and lifeless to me.  It was the final room in our house we had left to paint — Hubs was doing a happy dance when he realized he was done painting…until he realized I wanted us to redo both bathrooms again :/

We had an existing painted piece of furniture and bedding that we had no reason to replace yet, so we were slightly limited with our color options and we wanted it to be a calm, peaceful color.  I think it turned out beautifully….


The side tables were existing but more than five years old, dark brown, and a little worse for wear.  I happened to have a can of pretty ocean breeze blue spraypaint laying around the garage and figured I couldn’t make them any worse! HA!  I adore how they turned out for the room.  And slightly amazed at what just a $3.97 can of Krylon can do!


A close up view of the table.  The lamp is an old Ikea lamp.  It was just a green tinted glass base but several years ago when they moved from our bedroom to the guest room we filled them with colored glass marbles to dress them up a bit.  Another incredibly inexpensive way to add some drama and transform something old into something new.


The headboard is something I made with my father several years ago as well.  This was a simpler version of the one we made for the master. (You can see that version here but let me apologize now for the pictures!!) We found PERFECT art for the wall at Kirklands – one of my go to places for inexpensive decor.  I adore how it turned out, there is something very soothing about this space to me.


The dresser was our existing painted furniture piece in this space.  We took it off a friends hands for free when we were first married and wanted to put something in our guest room.  It was a plain Ikea dresser.  We painted it, added hardware, and the added the stained and hammered top.  This was our very first adventure in furniture painting and we’ve learned a lot since then.  It’s probably at the top of the list of furniture we’d like to replace, but for now it compliments the space perfectly.  Not to mention I’m a little nostalgic about it.  It was our first real project together.  But it’s incredibly heavy and not in the best shape so sadly, it’s on the list to go.

Part of this room makeover also included re-arranging the furniture.  We’d previously had the bed on the art wall with the chair across from the foot of the bed.  While it worked, I’m so much happier with this layout.  It really opened up the room.  I love when I finish a project and it still makes me giddy weeks later.  It’s been a few weeks and every time I walk by this room I smile.  I really love how it turned out and there is just something about it that speaks to me.

Hrmm…maybe that sleep deprivation is catching up with me??  Rooms speaking to me??  I better go get some sleep! 😉


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My world revolves around my little family, I am a wife…a mother…a christian…a designer…an Independent Scentsy Consultant...I'm just me. I'm crafty, a little OCD, a lot emotional, and occasionally funny. My life isn’t always very exciting, but its mine, and I’m excited to share it with all of you.
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3 Responses to Guest Room Facelift

  1. I like it! It’s bright and cheery and looks really functional! Your mom was just there – did she like the new arrangement of the furniture? Did she say anything?

  2. Holly says:

    Looks fantastic! No wonder you like passing by the room. 🙂

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