Easter outfit inspiration

Another fashion blog…lol don’t worry…I’m not nearly fashionable enough to make it an ongoing occurrence…but it is fun while it lasts!

Easter is coming up and my kids have precious outfits.  Sent by their Gigi of course (actually I haven’t seen Landons yet but knowing my Mom…it is going to be adorable).  Knowing they’re going to be adorable I felt like I needed something cute too.  BUT…something still casual.

Our church is pretty casual AND we’re teaching toddlers that day and being Easter it will be a madhouse.  So a pretty dress just isn’t ideal for me.  I also rarely do dresses and wanted something that I could mix and match all spring/summer.

This is where I enlisted a friend that is fashion crazed.  She gave me some ideas and we put together some Polyvore sets.  Here are the inspiration boards I was working with going into Old Navy. Yes, I said Old Navy…I have two kids and a tight budget…I’d rather spend $100 on 5 items than get one…and that’s exactly what I did.

Image Image

Go here to see more detail about these looks.

So these were my intent.  A pixie pant with a flowy shirt and my coral Sorrento necklace and bracelets.  I went into the store and was instantly overwhelmed by all the options in the pixie pants (half of the display were called pixie and half Diva…just FYI).  I found that the patterned options were really flattering but most too overwhelming for me.  The solids were not nearly as flattering.  BUT…I found a pair that is solid in color but has a flowered eyelet pattern.  They are too cute and PERFECT for the occasion.  The blousy shirts didn’t work for me here so I changed gears and picked up a few (three colors because I liked them so much) knit tees and then picked a coral cardigan.  I love that I’ll be able to mix and match the pants with the tees and the cardigan too.


Go here to see more detail about this look.

I’m so excited to break out my Stone Shelby.  I’ve been saving her for April and IT’S HERE!!!   Now I have to decide if I’m going to wear my “Easter” outfit or my maxi dress outfit for L’s birthday party in two weeks… What’s your vote?


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  1. So cute! Coral is a great color for you!

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