Not too long ago I posted about taking the leap and joining part of the Scentsy family as a Grace Adele consultant.  This was not a decision I made lightly, to be honest, it was something I tossed around for more than a year.  But with the support of a patient friend I finally took the leap and would never look back.  Not only am I a consultant for Grace Adele, but I have recently added Scentsy to my business line.

Everyone has a different reason for joining a direct sales company.  Money, flexibility, be your own boss.  My reasons aren’t that simple.  And I think my current reasons differ from my reasons even a few short months ago.


Of course my first thought was to bring in some added income.  I’m a mother of two, I work part time from home and have the luxury of staying home with my children.  That’s not the plan I had when we decided to start a family, but my plans weren’t His plans.  My childcare provider fell through and then I was laid off.  It wasn’t until we HAD to survive on less that we realized it was even a possibility.  When they brought me back on  they could only offer me part time hours.  Could I go back to full time now?  Yes.  My boss mentions it frequently.  But my reality is that while this wasn’t a choice I made, my children have never known anything but Mommy being home with them and the way I’ve chosen to raise them relies on maintaining the consistency and routine we’ve set up.  Does it cause some financial stress sometimes?  Of course! I would be lying to say that providing some supplemental income for my family isn’t a huge motivator.  It is!  But at this point, several months into this journey, it isn’t the main motivator anymore.

First, when they call it “Scentsy Family” they really mean it.  When you join you become a part of a team.  Each team has different levels of experience and different branches.  Some team members are now leaders of their own team.  This offers a valuable support system to help the newest members to the veterans.  But beyond the business side of it, we have fun.  I am so grateful for the relationships I have formed or that have grown stronger because of this journey.


Second, I believe in the core values of this company.  Scentsy is built around three core principles,  Simplicity, Authenticity, and Generosity. They also push us to “contribute more than you take” with an “arrows out” attitude.  I love that!  I love being a part of a company that feels that way, and believe me this company not only talks the talk, but they walk it.  I’ve been blessed with amazing rewards for meeting my goals and am so thankful that they are so generous with their consultants.

Finally, I am motivated to continue working hard at my Scentsy businesses because it has made such a positive impact in my family’s life.  Beyond supplementing our income (which is hugely helpful and a blessing), it’s helped me be more me again.  I think I hadn’t realized I’d gotten into the rut of being Mom, wife, housekeeper, designer, and exhausted.  When I  started Grace Adele it was something new to be excited about.  I enjoy getting up and picking an outfit to accompany the jewelry or bag I want to show off that day.  I enjoy sitting at table of friends smelling testers and playing dress up!  I’m having FUN!  And I didn’t realize how much I needed this in my life.


The best part is, it’s easy to be successful with a Scentsy family business.  I won’t lie and tell you it’s overnight magic, you have to put in the work and build your business but it’s very doable.  The products make it easy to sell.  Between the amazing looks, versatility and lifetime warranty of all the lines there is no downside.  If you’ve ever considered something like this I only have one word of advice…DO IT!  Don’t waste time thinking about it for a year like I did.  I have absolutely no regrets – it’s been amazing!


If you have any interest at all, let’s chat!!!  This experience has been such a blessing to me, I’d love to share that with you! Whether you’re local or even international I can help you get started and together we can build your business into a life changing experience. Join me today!






About gracedbyemilie

My world revolves around my little family, I am a wife…a mother…a christian…a designer…an Independent Scentsy Consultant...I'm just me. I'm crafty, a little OCD, a lot emotional, and occasionally funny. My life isn’t always very exciting, but its mine, and I’m excited to share it with all of you.
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