I found the Polyvore version of what I want to look like!

Well if you remember me at all (I’ve been mourning the loss of a friend…more about that in a few) you’ll know that I not to long ago began a very intense relationship with an online friend “community powered social commerce website”.  Aka…Polyvore.  

It’s almost as addicting as pinterest, I think the only reason its not, is that pinterest has a broader scope.

I’ve been avoiding Polyvore because it reminded me too much of my friend.  My friend isn’t even gone yet…but the knowledge that she’s dying makes the grieving process start earlier.  So maybe when that day comes and the cord is officially pulled it will be relief I feel instead of loss?  

You see…my good friend Grace Adele is in her final moments.  The Scentsy Family made the hard decision to discontinue the entire Grace Adele line effective July 31.  It wasn’t an easy decision, but sometimes the hardest decisions are the right ones.  If you want to see more about the WHY they decided to do this, you can watch a video from Orville and Heidi themselves.  I’ve known for about a month, but it took a while to be ready to really move forward.  I knew quickly that I’d move forward with the Scentsy Family and refocus my business on Scentsy Fragrance, but I had a hard time even thinking about Grace Adele.

I realize it sounds so trivial…and in the grand scheme of things it really is.  But I’d poured myself into this, I’d taken a leap – a chance, I’d put myself out there in a way I hadn’t before and I felt like I’d failed.  I know that’s not what happened, but at first, the emotions made me feel like I’d made a poor choice.  Thankfully with time I’ve realized it was a great choice. Grace Adele may not be moving forward but without it, I would not have joined to sell Scentsy Fragrance, and Scentsy and I ARE moving forward.  I also am thankful that it forced me to get out of my comfort zone, to go ALONE to events and talk to STRANGERS about GA.  To meet new friends and grow closer to other friends.  I am beyond grateful for everything that Grace Adele has brought into my life, so I can’t say I have any regrets, only excitement to see what’s next.

So now that I’ve gotten to a place where I can think about GA without getting teary eyed I made my way back to Polvore today.  In the midst of aimlessly browsing sets I found one I liked.  It was so…me!  Then I clicked on the creator and it opened up to all her sets.

Holy smokes I want to live in her Polyvore closet!!!!  

While the heels are a little to high and I of course don’t like every single choice, I liked nearly every set.  That’s a very rare find.  

So “Hosefish”…I have to tell you, you are the Polyvore version of what I wish to look like.  Can you come fill my closet with your virtual closet please??!

The sad part is…most of these sets are two years old, so they’re either sold out OR waaaaay too expensive for my shoestring budget.  I am seriously considering taking her sets and updating them to affordable, current, realistic options.  I might just make that my mission!

And just in case you’re on a mission for current and affordable handbags, jewelry and accessories.  Check out my GA website because the going out of business sale is INSANE!!! 



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My world revolves around my little family, I am a wife…a mother…a christian…a designer…an Independent Scentsy Consultant...I'm just me. I'm crafty, a little OCD, a lot emotional, and occasionally funny. My life isn’t always very exciting, but its mine, and I’m excited to share it with all of you.
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