Christmas 2014

I hope that you all have had a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful beginning to your New Year!  I finally had some time to sit down and get the photographs from our holidays off my camera.  I’m sad to say that I didn’t get it out as much as I wish I had…but I was in the moment and that’s just as nice.

Round one Christmas was with my paternal Grandparents.  We didn’t get to attend the full family version this year because of a sick kiddo, so we had a smaller celebration with them a few days afterwards.  I have to admit that while I missed seeing everything, the small – informal Christmas was very relaxing and fun.

Sweet Cousins

Sweet Cousins

My 80 y.o. Grandfather making biscuits for the Christmas dressing.  He follows his Mother’s recipe and mixes by hand just like she did.  THIS is one of my most cherished parts of every year.  I have no idea why but I LOVE to go watch him make the biscuits.



These two had their first chance to open gifts together and I absolutely loved watching them help each other and “ooh and aww” over their presents.

IMG_8994 IMG_9007 IMG_9026 IMG_9036

We had my husbands family over for Christmas Eve and I didn’t get my camera out.  I wish I could be more upset about it but we had such a wonderful evening celebrating with our family and really being present together that I’m okay with it.

Christmas Day we had our own little celebration and then hosted my side of the family.

First the kiddos got to check out their Santa gifts and stockings.  Landon got this cozy coupe truck from his Grandpa Carl and Kimaw – Daddy had FUN putting it together late into the night Christmas Eve! LOL

IMG_9061He adores it!  It was DEFINITELY a huge hit!!!!  They both like it — they just don’t always SHARE it well.


Time to open our round three – Christmas morning as a family gifts!!


We had a hard time dragging the boy away from his basketball hoop to open more presents!


The girl on the other hand is always ready for the next one 😉


I love his face…he was so overwhelmed and happy, he didn’t know quite what to do.


Then it was time to get dressed, restock the tree…and do it all again with our extended family!!!

IMG_9122 IMG_9126

Just a few faces we love and enjoyed spending Christmas day with…


Cousin Kat and her husband Paul

Aunt Carol and Uncle Jerry

Aunt Carol and Uncle Jerry


My Uncle Ted


Cousin Jonathon


Gigi and Great Grandpa Bill


Grandpa Tom


Grandpa Tom keeping up the McNeish photo tradition

We really were so blessed this season to celebrate the birth of our Savior with so many wonderful people we loved.  Our kiddos of course loved being spoiled rotten for Jesus’s birthday — we didn’t mind it either.  It was a fabulous Christmas, I’d go as far as saying our best YET!


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  1. How awesome that you get so many times to celebrate!! And I love L in the truck!! He looks like he will BURST from happiness at any moment!

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