2015 has arrived…

We are officially in the future!  <— If you don’t know what I’m referencing… I’m sorry…that’s so sad! LOL

One of the first things we did for 2015 was to create a vision board.  I’m a visual personal and if I don’t keep it it front of me, I’m more liable to forget.  My husband is forgetful regardless so I knew it would be in one ear and out the other if I didn’t get him involved in a different way.

I challenged the hubs to email me several pictures that dictated his goals/vision/plans for 2015.  He was also challenged to send me a separate collection of pictures for his five year plan.  We then combined our images on to one simple page and pinned them in the closet where we’d glance at them occasionally.

Here are our one year goals…

2015 vision

When I said simple…I meant it.  While I could have made it visually appealing – totally unnecessary for hanging in my closet.  It wasn’t until I decided to share it that I regretted that choice, lol.

Our Goals for 2015: NOT IN ORDER

1. Better home – this is meant more in the, take better care of our home, way.  We want to be more diligent about our housekeeping.  I’ll be totally honest, I’m no Martha!  I keep a straight house MOST of the time considering my kids can pull it apart in ten seconds flat, but I hate to clean.  And we have a tendency to get behind and then have to work twice as hard to catch up.

2. Date Night – We want to try to intentionally date.  Make the time to date and spend time just us.  We got a date in already for this month and are planning to use our churches Parent’s Night Out for next month!  So excited!

3. Vacation Money – We have a plan in place to save up for our yearly family vacation so we aren’t stressing about it as it nears…uh huh…

4. Lawrence, KS – I NEED to get back to my alma mater and see my people!  Until now, it is the place I’d lived the longest and I miss it dearly!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS!

5. Fun Mom – I want to me more intentional about doing fun things with my kids.  I want to spend more time on the floor playing with them.  Doing two crafts a week – and planning a biweekly fun outing.

6. House Cash – We want several months of our mortgage and emergency money stashed for a rainy day.

7. Meal Planning – We want to live by a meal plan, shop by one for cost savings, and actually cook it.  Regular cooking/eating at home is a must for our physical and financial health.  I’m so tired of eating out but the convenience factor gets me.

8. Grout – Braden wants to fix our grout in the kitchen… I want new floors completely…we’ve got to find a compromise on this one first…

9. SUV – It’s been 15 months since we ditched the SUV for a more gas friendly Jetta.  I MISS my SUV and want one back dearly.  So hopefully this year we’ll be ready to take on a second car payment and trade in the Corolla but I kinda love having a paid off car.  Still up in the air on this one…

10. Exercise – Yea yea yea… We want to exercise.  Consistently.  Yuck!  He runs and wants to get out and run on a consistent basis.  I do NOT run.  I want to find an exercise I enjoy and do it.  I’m thinking about Zumba.  We’ll see.

11. Director – I plan to promote to Scentsy Director this year.  It’s a lofty dream but I think I can do it.  I’m going to hit the pavement and truly work my business every single day.  I love my team – those ladies have brought me so much joy and make me so proud  to watch, I’m excited to add some members and really see what we can do!

I won’t even get into our five year goals.  They are some pretty grown up and intimidating goals but I have faith that we can conquer them.  It will feel awesome to check them off as we do!

I don’t do resolutions — but I love making goals for myself.  Do you have any new goals for the year ahead?

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My world revolves around my little family, I am a wife…a mother…a christian…a designer…an Independent Scentsy Consultant...I'm just me. I'm crafty, a little OCD, a lot emotional, and occasionally funny. My life isn’t always very exciting, but its mine, and I’m excited to share it with all of you.
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2 Responses to 2015 has arrived…

  1. AWESOME! I love this! What great a great vision board!

  2. Thanks! Now you should go make one! Consider yourself challenged Kate! 😉

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