There’s no such thing as an ice day with toddlers…

Today in Texas is what we dub an “ice day”.  It means that the entire state, specifically for me the DFW metromess shuts down.  Schools close, businesses close, doctor’s offices close, bridges close… we don’t do cold precipitation here.

Image found on Facebook

Image found on Facebook

All of you up North would have been dying laughing as we cancelled schools last night BEFORE the event ever began!

It’s how we roll…we don’t do cold precipitation here…lol.

Image courtesy Pinterest

Image courtesy Pinterest

Parents all over Texas last night were turning off their alarms and praying that everyone would sleep in.  I was just hopeful for a nice calm morning…

Boy was I wrong!!!

Not only did we not get to sleep in but the baby was up some time after 5am and the crying began around 5:45.  I tried to get him back down, but he’s stubborn and by 6:45 I was ready to give up and have some coffee.  But then of course because all I wanted was a cup of piping hot coffee…that wasn’t going to happen!

Image courtesy Pinterest

Image courtesy Pinterest

The toddler had an accident so I had pajamas and sheets to wash first… then I found that one of the dogs had gotten sick all over their bed (in MY room) and I’d have to clean that too!  UGH! Just. Want. Coffee!!!!!!!!

So I’m here to say the concept of a relaxing ice day is non-existent when you have toddlers in the house!  Maybe when they’re teenagers I can sleep in again!

But thankfully I finally got some coffee!  Coffee turned my entire day right side up and got me moving happily.

I cleaned up the messes…moved the (cleaned) dog bed to the laundry room where they will now sleep (they’ve been waking me up at night…this morning was the final straw).  And then…got out the vacuum!

Had my husband walked in the door at that moment he’d have thought I’d been body snatched! LOL  The vacuum is typically his chore…but I was in need of some clean and fresh in my life.

I sprinkled some baking soda and White Tea and Cactus washer whiffs (dye free – just coarse Epsom salt and fragrance) on my carpet and got to work.  My carpets are fresh and deodorized and I feel worlds better!

Scentsy saves the day again!


Thank you Scentsy for such a multi-functional product! I wouldn’t do laundry without it, but I absolutely love how fresh my house smells right now after using it on the carpets!!!

But sadly it’s not quite 10am yet…I’ve done too much for a snow day…think I’ll make more coffee 😉

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1 Response to There’s no such thing as an ice day with toddlers…

  1. You know, if it was just snow I would laugh at us, too; however we didn’t have snow, we had ice coming! Glad that the house is so refreshed, tho!

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