Let’s make Scent memories

Do you have any scent memories right off hand?

I do, I know that my grandmothers house always smelt of cinnamon and apples.  I loved it.  I always think of her when I smell those scents.  She recently moved and the new house doesn’t smell like the one we grew up visiting, but I still remember it exactly.

Our sense of smell is really an interesting thing.  It’s not just about smelling good but so much of the time there are very real emotional ties to scent.


Did you know that you can create your own scent memories??

scentsy memory

I seriously love this!  I know so many people with kiddos leaving for college, or families with a love one deployed.  Can you imagine how soothing it would be to create a scent memory for them and then be able to send them a care package with the smell of home?LOVE!

Or a kiddo going to camp for the first time?  Warm a scent in their room for a bit before they leave…then wash their blanket in our coordinating laundry line for the smell of home as they drift off to sleep!  Or grandmas overnight?  Send them with a buddy with a scent pak that smells like home!


Here are my kiddos this summer on vacation. Bramble the bear went along with us…that something that smells like home can make big changes, like a family vacation, feel more familiar for kiddos.

I’ve also read that this can help for studying and testing.  If you were to warm a certain scent while studying and then recreate that while testing it would help to jog your memory.  One of the ways you could do that was with a sample of the scent or by wearing that scent from our coordinating layers line.


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January is so charming…

Each month Scentsy releases a new, never before seen, warmer of the month.  January is no exception.  This month was extra special because they released an entirely new TYPE of warmer.  Something we as consultants hadn’t even seen before.  They also come out with a new scent.  Here’s January’s…


I’ve had the warmer for about three weeks but hadn’t found the time to really play with it to see what I thought.  I have to admit…I was skeptical about this one.  I didn’t expect to like it which is probably why it took me so long to make the time.

I was wrong!!!!

Here it is dressed as intended…

Isn’t it gorgeous!? But realistically, the options are endless…virtually anything (that wouldn’t melt) could go between the panes of glass.  Here I used a piece of pretty scrapbook paper…


Why stop there?  Here I simply cut pinkie pie out of the front cover of my daughters coloring book.  While I was trying to take a picture of this she was freaking out…she wants it in her room now!


Finally, this is probably my favorite way to customize the warmer.  I inserted a birthday card and some random tickets to illustrate how easy it would be to make the warmer into a dual purpose warmer/”memory box”.  I’m not going to lie… I love it.

The best news of all is that for the remainder of January the Charmer warmer is on sale!  Snatch one up and use it with the hearts for Valentine’s day and then customize it to fit your March needs!  I would love to see how creative you all could get with this…shoot me a picture when you do!

OH!  And don’t forget that for January only a selected twenty scents have been paroled from the Scentsy vault for Bring Back My Bar!  I got mine in yesterday and had a little helper smelling them 🙂IMG_7287 IMG_7285

He’s addicted and such a ham!  The minute he see’s them come out of the box he’s ready for a smell session!  I definitely had some favorites I hadn’t smelt before.  The cucumber lime is so fresh and clean and perfect for the upcoming spring.  Spiced grapefruit is unbelievably yummy, definitely added to my favorites list.  Watermelon patch is perfectly fruity for Em’s room and finally Banana Nut Bread…the one that started it all…I don’t typically like food smells as much, but this is amazing.  I’ll be stocking up while I can!  They’re only paroled through the end of the month so don’t delay!!

Here’s the entire Bring Back My Bar list 🙂

bbmb paper

And just because I can…I have to share this cutie pie with you!


I’d ordered a Tucker the Tiger to have on hand because now that they’re limited edition it never fails that they sell out and someone needs one.  But my little guy saw the box and knew what was inside.  He was so cute with it I’m not sure I can take it away!

Happy Friday Ya’ll!! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend!!

***If you want more information about my business or team, please contact me, or check out my facebook page and website***

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2015 has arrived…

We are officially in the future!  <— If you don’t know what I’m referencing… I’m sorry…that’s so sad! LOL

One of the first things we did for 2015 was to create a vision board.  I’m a visual personal and if I don’t keep it it front of me, I’m more liable to forget.  My husband is forgetful regardless so I knew it would be in one ear and out the other if I didn’t get him involved in a different way.

I challenged the hubs to email me several pictures that dictated his goals/vision/plans for 2015.  He was also challenged to send me a separate collection of pictures for his five year plan.  We then combined our images on to one simple page and pinned them in the closet where we’d glance at them occasionally.

Here are our one year goals…

2015 vision

When I said simple…I meant it.  While I could have made it visually appealing – totally unnecessary for hanging in my closet.  It wasn’t until I decided to share it that I regretted that choice, lol.

Our Goals for 2015: NOT IN ORDER

1. Better home – this is meant more in the, take better care of our home, way.  We want to be more diligent about our housekeeping.  I’ll be totally honest, I’m no Martha!  I keep a straight house MOST of the time considering my kids can pull it apart in ten seconds flat, but I hate to clean.  And we have a tendency to get behind and then have to work twice as hard to catch up.

2. Date Night – We want to try to intentionally date.  Make the time to date and spend time just us.  We got a date in already for this month and are planning to use our churches Parent’s Night Out for next month!  So excited!

3. Vacation Money – We have a plan in place to save up for our yearly family vacation so we aren’t stressing about it as it nears…uh huh…

4. Lawrence, KS – I NEED to get back to my alma mater and see my people!  Until now, it is the place I’d lived the longest and I miss it dearly!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS!

5. Fun Mom – I want to me more intentional about doing fun things with my kids.  I want to spend more time on the floor playing with them.  Doing two crafts a week – and planning a biweekly fun outing.

6. House Cash – We want several months of our mortgage and emergency money stashed for a rainy day.

7. Meal Planning – We want to live by a meal plan, shop by one for cost savings, and actually cook it.  Regular cooking/eating at home is a must for our physical and financial health.  I’m so tired of eating out but the convenience factor gets me.

8. Grout – Braden wants to fix our grout in the kitchen… I want new floors completely…we’ve got to find a compromise on this one first…

9. SUV – It’s been 15 months since we ditched the SUV for a more gas friendly Jetta.  I MISS my SUV and want one back dearly.  So hopefully this year we’ll be ready to take on a second car payment and trade in the Corolla but I kinda love having a paid off car.  Still up in the air on this one…

10. Exercise – Yea yea yea… We want to exercise.  Consistently.  Yuck!  He runs and wants to get out and run on a consistent basis.  I do NOT run.  I want to find an exercise I enjoy and do it.  I’m thinking about Zumba.  We’ll see.

11. Director – I plan to promote to Scentsy Director this year.  It’s a lofty dream but I think I can do it.  I’m going to hit the pavement and truly work my business every single day.  I love my team – those ladies have brought me so much joy and make me so proud  to watch, I’m excited to add some members and really see what we can do!

I won’t even get into our five year goals.  They are some pretty grown up and intimidating goals but I have faith that we can conquer them.  It will feel awesome to check them off as we do!

I don’t do resolutions — but I love making goals for myself.  Do you have any new goals for the year ahead?

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Christmas 2014

I hope that you all have had a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful beginning to your New Year!  I finally had some time to sit down and get the photographs from our holidays off my camera.  I’m sad to say that I didn’t get it out as much as I wish I had…but I was in the moment and that’s just as nice.

Round one Christmas was with my paternal Grandparents.  We didn’t get to attend the full family version this year because of a sick kiddo, so we had a smaller celebration with them a few days afterwards.  I have to admit that while I missed seeing everything, the small – informal Christmas was very relaxing and fun.

Sweet Cousins

Sweet Cousins

My 80 y.o. Grandfather making biscuits for the Christmas dressing.  He follows his Mother’s recipe and mixes by hand just like she did.  THIS is one of my most cherished parts of every year.  I have no idea why but I LOVE to go watch him make the biscuits.



These two had their first chance to open gifts together and I absolutely loved watching them help each other and “ooh and aww” over their presents.

IMG_8994 IMG_9007 IMG_9026 IMG_9036

We had my husbands family over for Christmas Eve and I didn’t get my camera out.  I wish I could be more upset about it but we had such a wonderful evening celebrating with our family and really being present together that I’m okay with it.

Christmas Day we had our own little celebration and then hosted my side of the family.

First the kiddos got to check out their Santa gifts and stockings.  Landon got this cozy coupe truck from his Grandpa Carl and Kimaw – Daddy had FUN putting it together late into the night Christmas Eve! LOL

IMG_9061He adores it!  It was DEFINITELY a huge hit!!!!  They both like it — they just don’t always SHARE it well.


Time to open our round three – Christmas morning as a family gifts!!


We had a hard time dragging the boy away from his basketball hoop to open more presents!


The girl on the other hand is always ready for the next one 😉


I love his face…he was so overwhelmed and happy, he didn’t know quite what to do.


Then it was time to get dressed, restock the tree…and do it all again with our extended family!!!

IMG_9122 IMG_9126

Just a few faces we love and enjoyed spending Christmas day with…


Cousin Kat and her husband Paul

Aunt Carol and Uncle Jerry

Aunt Carol and Uncle Jerry


My Uncle Ted


Cousin Jonathon


Gigi and Great Grandpa Bill


Grandpa Tom


Grandpa Tom keeping up the McNeish photo tradition

We really were so blessed this season to celebrate the birth of our Savior with so many wonderful people we loved.  Our kiddos of course loved being spoiled rotten for Jesus’s birthday — we didn’t mind it either.  It was a fabulous Christmas, I’d go as far as saying our best YET!

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My reason for being



These two little loves that adore each other so much that they seek each other out and hold hands in the backseat!  I.LOVE.THEM!!!

IMG_8765 IMG_8762

This is a regular occurrence but we were headed to the Ems little dance show and I happened to have my big camera in my lap.  Thankfully I wasn’t driving and could capture the moment.  Seriously planning to frame the one of just their hands.  I love it!  They look so similar and truly love each other.  It’s so special!

My sweet girl is on year three of activities.  First, we did a year of gymnastics.  She loved it but at that age it was a glorified play time and I didn’t love paying for that.  Then we did a year of combo dance at another studio.  She enjoyed it and learned a dance or two but it wasn’t structured enough so we moved.  This year we are at an incredible studio.  The owner is a past Kilgore Rangerette and she is strict and loving and AWESOME.  I wasn’t sure sweet girl was getting much out of her dancing until they did the show this week.  While she’s only four with a long way to go… I’m noticing her form has improved drastically!

Look at those toes! So proud!

Look at those toes! So proud!

Love that her nose is following her toes!

Love that her nose is following her toes!

Shuffle step!  She's got that ball change down!  And arms to match! Eeeek!

Shuffle step! She’s got that ball change down! And arms to match! Eeeek!

Oh that smile!

Oh that smile!

If nothing else, her confident and form has greatly improved!

If nothing else, her confidence and form has greatly improved!

Emilie has grown so much this year!  I’m so proud of the little girl she’s becoming and sad at the same time that every day my baby girl slips away into this beautiful little girl.  I’m thankful though that I have the ability to spend my days with her and Landon.  They’re my reason for being.  God put me here to be their Mommy…and I’ll always be their Mommy first.

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My heart is full


My heart is so full.  It’s silly really.  I mean it’s been nearly a year since I started this journey but I am overwhelmed every month as I watch my team and business grow!  I just cannot get over the fact that they PAY me to do this!  Scentsy PAYS ME TO HAVE FUN!!!

I started this little journey on January 28th, 2014.  Today almost eleven months later my business has grown to include a team of my own, to be a Star Consultant, and to really and truly pay my bills.  I was so excited by the possibility to earn an extra hundred dollars and do something for myself, that when I have days like today and my actual commissions post; I’m overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed with the blessings this journey has given me and overwhelmed with the generosity of the company I represent.


Why I’m surprised?? I don’t know!  Generosity is at the core of the Scentsy Family beliefs.  But a lot of companies claim to be generous… Scentsy truly is.


Today my sisters are all jumping for joy because their commissions have posted.  What does this mean?  It means that these ladies can pay for their children to go to preschool next month, to have clothing and shoes, to be able to do something for themselves without guilt.  These ladies can have debt free Christmas’s.  These ladies lives are changed because they took the leap to start a business and they’ve worked their butts off to make their businesses successful.

I’m not going to blow smoke.  The reality is…we work hard!  The successful people always do.  We WORK our businesses.  And like I remind my new recruits…it’s a marathon NOT a sprint.  I’m not where I’d like to be, but I’m more than happy with what I’ve accomplished this year.  I’ll be working hard every single day to make sure I accomplish big things next year as well!

What’s your “I wish”?

Mine was… “I wish I could pay off some bills and live a less financially concerned life.”  I was scared… I spent months and months trying to think of something I could do but wouldn’t consider Scentsy.  I kept pushing the thought away.  I’m so thankful something finally got through and changed my mind.

Another friends was as simple as; “I wish I could buy those boots without my husband getting on my case”.  Well she bought those boots!  And her first paycheck will pay back her investment and buy her another pair of boots!

Another sister wanted to send her boys to preschool…and she does!

You can turn your “I wish” into an “I did” too…


***If you want more information about my business or team, please contact me, or check out my facebook page and website***

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Just another Monday!

Another Monday… I truly dislike Mondays.

It’s the end of the weekend, back to work (soon it will mean back to school for the bigger little so maybe I’ll like it then!), and back to the to-do list that never ends.

Frankly, this week…I need a vacation from my weekend!  Saturday I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off and we cleaned house, like really cleaned the house, lol.  Then Sunday we had church and then I jetted over to support a friend and new recruit by attending her Scentsy launch party, and THEN I came home to make some cookies/finishing cleaning/prep for the big Sunday school party we were hosting at our house that night.  WHEW!!!  It was a whirlwind to say the least.

But it was a great whirlwind.  Last week I was having a moment of panic…feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  My to-do was growing and the bigger it got the less I could seem to accomplish.  But thankfully a good friend reminded me that I’ve got this.  I asked for all of this!  I prayed for God to expand my business and help it flourish and it HAS!  I prayed for us to get more involved in our church and we HAVE! I prayed for my littles and they definitely add some excitement to the mix.  I asked for everything I have, I am NOT overwhelmed, I am just truly blessed.


So instead of hating on Monday, I’m embracing it and the challenge of the week ahead!  We just finished up a big Scentsy Sale, so I have lots of happy customers to keep up with and I think it’s time to send out another round of smell mail with some sample love.  Would you like to try Scentsy?  Contact me and I’ll add you to my list!!

Have a good week ya’ll!

***If you want more information about my business or team, please contact me, or check out my facebook page and website***

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Small Business Saturday…Shop Small

Today is small business Saturday.  Please consider shopping small, it truly makes a difference!!

shop small

If you own a small business, etsy shop, or are a party consultant feel free to comment your business link – then head over to my Facebook page (link below) and comment your business link there too! Let’s help small businesses thrive today!!!

***If you want more information about my business or team, please contact me, or check out my facebook page and website***

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I’m so very thankful

I didn’t get a chance to sit down at the computer yesterday, so I never got to share what I was thankful for.

While we went around the table at my grandparents, it was a quick moment and I didn’t get to go into ALL the blessings I’m truly grateful for.  I’d like to take a moment and share.

First and foremost – I am thankful for my family.  From my immediate little family to my larger family I love them all.  We may at times put the “fun” in dysfunctional but I think that’s what makes us special.  My husband is my biggest cheerleader and supporter.  When I first wanted to start this Scentsy journey he was a HUGE skeptic.  But regardless of his hesitation he has stepped up and truly supported me.  He’s my best friend and I think that is something very special.  Look how cute we all were yesterday!!!

IMG_8718 IMG_8743My poor baby boy wasn’t feeling well, you can definitely see it in his little eyes.

I am so thankful for my friends, family, and customers that have supported me on this adventure.  In less than a year I have surpassed my own expectations and created a successful business for myself.  Just this week I was promoted to a Star Consultant.  That is a huge step for my business and I am so thankful to be here!  I have the most amazing and supportive team and we are building an equally supportive and wonderful team ourselves.  I am grateful for the family tree Scentsy has set up for us so that we work together the way we do.  So many other MLM’s aren’t like that.  I love that we have to work hard to succeed and are rewarded so generously when we do!  I didn’t have a goal for my first year… I had no expectations to be honest… In fact, I’m not sure I even expected to still be at it a year later.  But I am and I will be for many more years.  My goal for year two (which isn’t starting yet for several more months) is to become a director.  I know I can do it!

I am equally thankful for my team!  I could NOT be here without them and they are all amazing ladies!  It’s so exciting to watch them grow in their businesses.  (If any of you actually see this…let me know, there is a prize in it for you!)  If you have ever looked for something to do, for yourself, you should seriously consider joining us!!  If not us…then find yourself a good team with tons of support…because Scentsy truly is a blessing to so many who work it!


And finally, but most importantly, I’m thankful for my faith in God.  You see just over a year ago I was struggling.  I felt like something was missing, like I was supposed to be doing something but I couldn’t figure out what it was.  I felt like I was listening, but I just wasn’t getting the message (in hindsight… I was stubborn).  I remember speaking up during the prayer requests and asking my ABF to pray that I have an open heart and that I would figure out what I was supposed to be doing.  Not that I wasn’t doing enough, I have two beautiful kiddos…an amazing husband…I work part time as a designer…and am active in our church…but still I felt that something was missing.  Somehow after years of considering I took the leap and joined a friend on this journey.  I’m so thankful that God put her in my life to plant that seed and eventually become one of my best friends.  I’m thankful that I trusted and walked through open doors.  I’m thankful that my business is what it is because of Him.  Because nothing I do would be successful without Him.

Isaiah 58;11

***If you want more information about my business or team, please contact me, or check out my facebook page and website***

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Mix it up!

One of the questions I hear all.the.time…is why are we any different from other candles??  Well…uh…because we ARE!

LOL Ok, need a better answer than that?  FINE!

First, we are a wickless candle system…no wick means…

NO fire, NO flame, NO soot, NO smoke, and NOTHING entering your air!  Which right there is almost enough for me!  I know so many people who have issues with scents and can handle Scentsy when they have had trouble with other candle systems in the past.


Our wax doesn’t evaporate, which means when it loses it’s scent you have to change it out.  This also means there is nothing evaporating into your air.  AWESOME!!!

If you want more information about the safety of our fragrance system, there is a great blog article here you can read 🙂

Secondly, we have options for everyone!!  With 80+ scents to choose from we pretty much can cover everyone, but if we don’t have your favorite, I bet we can make it!

What? Make it??  Well…that’s the beauty of our wax!  It’s easy to mix and match to create your own favorite recipes!  Just a cube of each scent (or even a half of each works) and you’ve got a totally new scent!  Here’s a few fun Holiday examples!

Holiday Hullabaloo

It’s one of my favorite tricks to stretch a dollar!  When you buy 5 bars of wax the 6th is always free… so for just $25 you have at least 13 new scent options when using the wax alone or mixed!  And there are TONS of scent recipes to chose from if you don’t want to create your own…I can send you a list or just type in “scentsy recipes” in pinterest and you’re set!

You’d be surprised what actually works together!  The options are endless!

It’s the perfect time of year to add Scentsy to your home or purchase as a gift!  Let me know how I can help you!

***If you want more information about my business or team, please contact me, or check out my facebook page and website***

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